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Meet Our Team

Business Manager


"Mechanics have always come natural to me. So when I got my first car, the customizing began. This caused a disease inside of me, one that drains my wallet and takes my time. I call this disease modding. Thus a love for cars was born. Anything with an engine that either looks good or is loud peeks my interest. I spend days taking pictures of cars, looking at them, riding in them, and working on them. #teamjdm"

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Design Manager


"As corny as it may sound, I started loving cars when I saw The Fast and the Furious when I was a kid and fell in love with Japanese cars ever since. Just the sound of a car with exhaust and a turbo spool would put a smile on my face, after that I was all about cars, it’s all I thought about. In school I would draw cars and doodle them on my assignments and piss off my teachers. I would make lists of mods I’d do to specific cars I hoped to own one day. I’m also huge into Motocross, also since I was a kid, and I’ve always raced it since I was eight. My two passions in life is cars and moto, they’re my life and I’ll never stop loving them"

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Media Manager


"I fell in love with cars at 4 when my brother took me for a ride in his boosted Honda during the ride his motor blew and I started helping him rebuild it that night. Since then I had a passion for cars I eventually helped him build it to 500hp. Afterwards I have always been around cars. I eat, sleep, and dream cars. It's my life, getting my hands dirty and working through the night is how it should be. I will always love cars and will always be around them."

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